September 11, 2012

Essie Hype

So what is the deal with all this Essie babble? I've noticed that Essie has become quite a large thing and ashamed to say so but I've just started paying attention to the Essie talk. I've found quite a few lovely colors on their website but can't seem to find them in the stores. The ones I did find in the stores, and the ones that did tickle my fancy were two pastille colors named Lilicism and Turquoise & Caicos. To review Essie I must agree with other reviews that I've read, it is definitely worth the money. I love the variety of colors that they offer, they all seem to suit a certain personality. As for the actual nail polish, the moment it is applied it gives a smooth and gorgeous appearance. I will definitely be buying more because so far it exceeded my expectations. So I must say, I'm glad that the Essie babble forced me to try it out myself. If any of you have joined the Essie fan club, which color is your love at the moment? 

September 09, 2012



I've been wrapped up in packing everything I own as well as throwing out almost everything I own that I realized how empty my new room will be because of the excessive cleaning. So I headed over to IKEA, the pride of Sweden and had my eye set on a clothes rack called Mulig (which means chubby in Swedish!). After schlepping it over to the new house and setting it up I got to thinking that now I'll need some new things to hang on there! Typical thought from me but seeing as I've gotten rid of so many things I would not mind seeing some new fabrics being welcomed into my closet. To review this rack, I must say I find it quite nifty, its easy to find what you're looking for if you're in a hurry and I like that it has a minimalist feeling to it. I'm, however, not planning on putting all my clothes on it as it will probably collapse and will be unusable but it's a neat idea to store pieces of clothing that may brighten up your room or that you find special. Only about a week left till the move and I can't wait, living around boxes definitely takes away the homey feeling. Hope you've all had a good weekend. 
Hugs all around