September 27, 2012

Marc Jacobs Perfume

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Perfumes. I am not a huge perfume addict, wish I was but I can be quite a picky penelope with scents. I normally buy fragrances from The Body Shop because I find them fresh and not too strong. However, I do have one weakness when it comes to the wonderful world of perfume and that is dear Marc Jacobs. I have been a bearer of Marc Jacobs Lola for about two years and if I feel like indulging in a scent, it is definitely Lola. I first spotted Lola when it had just come out in New York, it was a limited edition and I found the bottle the sweetest thing I'd ever laid my eyes on. Also the most expensive thing I'd ever laid my eyes on. Turns out it was so popular, it became a full-time edition and I received it for my birthday. It was definitely worth the price, even though it had quite a strong smell, it was very sweet and fresh. Two qualities I look for in a perfume. So after raving about how great Lola was and dreading the thought of when the last drop was sprayed, I received the newer edition Oh Lola! I quickly took a liking to Oh Lola! because there was a strong smell of vanilla, which is an absolute favorite scent of mine. The reason I'm rabbling on about fragrances, is because I have been considering buying either his new one Dot or perhaps an old favorite for some, Daisy.

I am pretty convinced Daisy and Dot won't disappoint but if any of you lovelies have one, which would you recommend? Also if any of you are considering joining the Marc Jacobs perfume gang, the price may have you cringing but the scent will be worth it.

September 25, 2012

Welcome Autumn!

So autumn was a bit of a pain today. I'm saying this whilst sitting on my bed shivering because of being entirely drenched in rain. But I shouldn't complain, it is one of the things I love about it, the surprise storms that come out of nowhere when getting off the bus and having to run home. After getting warm, I'll be making me some scrumptious cinnamon tea (have you tried it? it is truly scrumptious) and will prepare myself for a long night of hearing rain tap on my window frame. There is no lovelier sound. I know this post may have had no real message but I just wanted to share with you once again, that autumn is here. And of course to tell you: do bring an umbrella or raincoat when stepping outside, it will save you from sitting in front of the computer, writing your next blog post with the sound of your teeth chattering.

Hugs all around 

September 24, 2012

Rainy Days

So these couple of days have been filled with autumn rain, wind and cold. Which means time to bring out the gloves, scarves and knitted hats! Which is definitely a reason to celebrate, at least for me, seeing as I absolutely adore autumn and winter. The unpacking is finally finished, the clothes are finally up which gives me time to focus on my next phase in life. I am in the process of applying to courses in Sweden and undergrad courses in England as well as trying to get my drivers license. So between sipping copious amounts of tea and trying to get my life in order, I'm desperately trying to get my blog up and running with continuous posts. So expect more of me! Also I'd like to introduce mon chat to my blog, Seth. Named after Seth from The OC - my sisters doing. Or Seffwa as I like to call him.