September 25, 2012

Welcome Autumn!

So autumn was a bit of a pain today. I'm saying this whilst sitting on my bed shivering because of being entirely drenched in rain. But I shouldn't complain, it is one of the things I love about it, the surprise storms that come out of nowhere when getting off the bus and having to run home. After getting warm, I'll be making me some scrumptious cinnamon tea (have you tried it? it is truly scrumptious) and will prepare myself for a long night of hearing rain tap on my window frame. There is no lovelier sound. I know this post may have had no real message but I just wanted to share with you once again, that autumn is here. And of course to tell you: do bring an umbrella or raincoat when stepping outside, it will save you from sitting in front of the computer, writing your next blog post with the sound of your teeth chattering.

Hugs all around 

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