October 26, 2012

Lisa Loves: Coats

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Udobuy Hood Warm Long Trench Coat (buy here) | Vince Wool Drape Hooded Coat (buy here) | Unbranded Military Green Leather Sleeve Jacket (buy here) | Topshop Short Hooded Swing Coat (buy here) | Bernard Lafond Warm Hooded Zipper Coat (buy here) | 

So now that autumn is here and certainly not long until winter will be here, I decided to take a wander around the web to see if I could find some lovely new coats for the season. Above you will find some coats that happened to catch my eye and I'm especially in love with the Bernard Lafond one, a perfect combination of denim and wool. My outwear closet is filled mostly with black so I desperately tried finding some outwear that would add some color to the closet. Although I am not able to buy any of these coats, it is sure fun to take a look. The coat I'll be keeping myself warm with this autumn and winter is my trusty old leather jacket and my black and white boyfriend coat. Right now I'm trying not to part with my leather jacket but as I realized today, it is getting colder faster and that jacket just won't do. As much as I love winter, I do feel that it is coming a wee bit too fast at the moment but won't complain, time to bring out the knitted scarves and the snow resilient boots! Also I can't forget to mention that Halloween is just around the corner and even though Halloween isn't celebrated at all where I live, it doesn't stop me from contemplating costume ideas and carving pumpkins. Hope October has been a pleasant and not too cold month for all of you. And hopefully when the weather does change and bring cold, you have got a stylish and warm coat to go along with it! 


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