About the Adolescent

Hey! Glad that you could join me here on Tales of Existence. Tales of my Existence to be correct.
I am Lisa Parup and I am a rather complex person but I will certainly try my best to explain. 

Warning of some oddities you might stumble upon whilst reading this blog:
I enjoy naming inanimate objects
I love my cats
I am actually a blonde
I have been told I have the mind of a senior citizen
I am addicted to odd coloured lipsticks
I cannot leave the house without wearing mascara and black eyeliner
I love scented candles but they are banned at my house
I am always (way) too early for things
I believe indie/folk music made me whiny but I love it anyway
I cannot for the life of me get volume in my hair
I wish I was fluent in Francais
I am pretty independent and love being right
I'm incredibly stubborn
I cherish the sight of cherry blossoms
I need coffee but hopelessly can't sleep when sipped
I am a wee paranoid when it comes to pretty much everything
I will talk about practically anything just to keep a conversation going

There are so many more quirks of mine and I'm grateful that whoever you are, is taking the time to enjoy some of them.


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