August 20, 2012

Lovely Likes

Here are my lovely likes of the week. The first is a laptop case, which is absolute perfection. Need I mention the irony with having a typewriter on a case that is meant to hold a laptop. But I love it, its got a handle and its from wonderful Mod-cloth. The second is an iPhone case by flapper doodle - check the website out, if I had the money I'd buy every single doodle in every form it comes in.  Mod-cloth is also responsible for the pin up lip balms that come in a set. Flavors include, Peppermint Rosemary, Grapefruit Orange, Lavender Chamomile, and Nutmeg Orange.  Pin up style is something I am crazy for so no surprise when it became a lovely like

Then there is the cat kettle and mugs set truly melts my heart, and I am desperately stopping myself from buying it. Although it is perfectly perfect. The kettle comes from none other than the lovely Mod-ClothThe fifth, a turquoise ring with gold birds by unexpected expectancy is something my suitor put a bid on, on a Swedish version of Ebay. The silver earrings that mesmerize me, are from ever so lovely, their stuff is well ever so lovely. All in all, I believe these  six things definitely deserve to go on my lovely likes of the week. Ahh sigh, the desire for them all is unbearable. 

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