August 21, 2012

Paris? Mais Oui!

Oh Paris. My dream home. My dream, period. I've grown up thinking Paris is a place that could only be found in fairytales and it is actually true. I've been to Paris more times than I can count and every time, it always ceases to amaze me. I am in love with this city. It is breathtakingly beautiful, the architecture, the history, the food and lets not forget the people. I'm hoping to make this my home in the next month or so, if all goes according to plan and I do hope that it lives up to my grand expectations. I am certain it will. These illustrations (most adorable illustrations my eyes have ever seen perhaps) are from a perfect, handy little book called My Little Paris by a group of wonderful quirky individuals. There is also a site, which I spend most of my free time on, that give the best tips on what one can do in Paris. When and well if I move there, My Little Paris will be my personal Bible. And honestly, I cannot wait to step outside, open the book and see what adventure I may set out on in the beautiful capital of France.

If you have ever had the faintest interest in Paris, check out the website as soon as humanly possible. It gives you tips on fashion, beauty, culture, food, you name it and they've got a suggestions for it. And the great thing about the entire concept of My Little Paris is that it allows you to see Paris through a non-tourist perspective. Meaning you'll get the real Paris experience. The site is My Little Paris and don't worry, it translates into English as well. Hopefully this post succeeded in making you as excited/addicted to Paris as I've always been. 


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